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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is data updated daily ? Data updates every second
  • How many products added daily ? Each day their is about 10K+ new Shopify products.
  • Can i cancel my subscription ? Yes you can.
  • How winning products & ads are selected ? Last 2 days orders & post engagement or engagement ratios , links trafic , must be new and alot of other private factors.

Things to know

  • First we collect the ecommerce stores worldwide In this page we provide the largest database on online ecommerce stores (+15,000,000), You can use this page to view competitors, To get ideas, to search for niches To view latest trends in one products store and a lot more.
  • Then we collect all the stores products After we provide the stores then we first collect all the products of a store and put them in Products page, We have millions of Shopify products you can see a live counter on the top right of the page, After that we keep an eye for the new products posted by any store, The top use of the pgae is that its allow you to know if a product is new or old befor start selling it, or if you are experienced enough you can use this page to find winning products that are new and trendy.
  • Then we collect all the advertisements of those products We collected thousdent of advertisements daily and we provide an extreme filtering options for these advertisements, Once we detect a product that has a lot of traffic and orders we search for the ads for this product through the advertise page once the ad is found we measure all the statistics to make sure that this product is trending, Once all the data has been verified then the product will be promoted to the Trending Page or the Winners Page
  • Then we select the top products based on the daily orders count This section give you winning products based on stores data, After we collect all the stores old and new products "Millions of products", We start selecting (new | trendy | viral products), We know what is new and old based on our exprence becuse we saw millions of products scene we have been in this bussinse.
  • Finally we select products based on orders count and advertising data so you can't miss here This section is our gold mine, The data in this section based on stores data also advertisement data So we make sure that the product is currently trending and has what it takes also it has a good amount of orders on the store plus it's not saturated.
Absolute satisfaction guarantee

The program is risk free 99% chance that you will if you have what it takes make a lot of money, that we guarantee 100%, if you're not abile to get sales using rising products section,you must have the problem because they are already selling :(

Things to note before you start winning
  • If you are new to the e-commerce world use the Trending page to be in the safe side, Don't start with the Winners page because this may require some marketing experience.

  • You can re-sell old trending products if you are not sure, As example you can go back to 2 years ago using datetime filters and re-sell products that were winners.

  • If you are with a restricted budget go with the Trending products and go with the one product store and try to brad your content in this way you may have the most chances in succeeding.

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